[Prototype] Lightning Shield for Arduino


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For the cost of parts, we are offering 100 Lightning shields to the first 100 Ptarmigan (Lightning Network node) users to use in connecting Arduino to Raspberry Pi Zero W.

・Scheduled for shipment: mid July in 2019
・Included items: Lightning shield for Arduino and 2.7inch E-Ink raw display
・Not included: Ardino UNO body, Raspberry Pi Zero W body/SD card and connector to the Lightning shield
・Items: one per person
・The method for offering the software for Raspberry Pi Zero W is currently under consideration.

Note: The Lightning shield is for intended developers, and not product level, such as for early adopters in crowd-funding. We do not offer any warranty or support as product level.

・The Lightning shield demonstration video:

Lightning Network x IoT(LoT); Potential, challenges and solutions